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Today is World Water Day.

Water is the blue thread that connects us all and is essential to tackling today’s most pressing global challenges, from climate change to health to conflict. Yet nearly 1 in 10 people around the world don't have clean water close to home. Climate change is worsening this crisis, as floods contaminate fragile water sources and droughts dry up springs and wells.

To mark World Water Day, WaterAid UK commissioned a study finding that one in four people in the UK (25%) think water is the most important issue to spend overseas aid on and over half (53%) rank it in their top three issues.

Over two-thirds (70%) also think the UK Government should invest in minimising the impacts of climate change, with just over half (56%) of these believing that investing in water, sanitation and hygiene is the best way to do so.

I hope the next Government, no matter what side of the floor they may sit, will champion the fight for clean water worldwide. It’s what’s important to the voters, and it’s what’s needed for everyone, everywhere.


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