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Today is World Pre-Eclampsia Day where organisations around the world work to raise awareness of pre-eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome and other hypertensive disorders during pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia affects up to 10% of pregnancies worldwide and is a leading cause of maternal death with a women dying every six minutes, somewhere in the world as a result of this condition as well as leading to 500,000 baby deaths each year.

For mothers, complications can cause illness for an extended period of time and are strongly associated with the future development of a range of debilitating diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and renal impairment. Too many lives are taken – or seriously affected – by these disorders, underscoring the importance of symptom recognition, and timely and effective response by trained healthcare workers. This is especially true in areas where access to care is reduced.

To learn more, please click the link below from Action on Pre-eclampsia for a short film


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