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This evening is World Book Night 2023, supported by The Reading Agency.

At 7pm tonight we are encouraged to sit for one hour and enjoy the pleasure of reading, whatever it is that we enjoy reading.

As a former English Teacher of 23 years, I am delighted to participate in this and promote it more widely.

Ever since I was a child I have loved reading, a love that has remained with me, although since becoming an MP, I have less time to read. But this just makes me savour reading time all the more.

Research shows that reading for pleasure can promote better health and wellbeing, aids in building social connections and relationships with others and is associated with a range of factors that help increase the chances of social mobility.

I am currently reading the third novel of the 12 novel series of Poldark novels by Winston Graham, “Jeremy Poldark”. I have never seen this series in telly and am totally gripped by it. It’s a cracking read!

Why not join in World Book Night 2023? What will you reading tonight at 7pm?


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