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In the House of Commons last week, I raised a recent Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign survey which highlighted the devastating impact of unfair pension treatment of 1950s-born WASPI women. Most notably, the findings show that a shocking one in four WASPI women have struggled to buy food and basic essentials in the last six months, one in three have fallen into debt in the last six months, and most shocking of all, one WASPI woman dying every thirteen minutes.

It is urgent that the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman concludes its investigations speedily conclude its investigations and the UK Government responds promptly to the Ombudsman's report and make clear that it will recognise and recompense the injustices and suffering caused to WASPI women.

WASPI women who have suffered great hardship and distress as a result of this scandal, deserve no less.

Watch the exchange below 👇

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