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As part of the "Stories/Roots" Project, Primary 47 pupils have learned about a culture worlds apart from their own - the Maasai community in collaboration with Margies Foundation and Craft Town Scotland.

The Maasai have lived in areas of Tanzania and Kenya for hundreds of years and graze their precious cattle in both countries even today. Originating from ancient lands and simpler times the Maasai can trace themselves back hundreds of years.

We have all been reminded, in the wake of the pandemic, how important our connections are and our need to have a strong sense of place, foundation and rooting. The Maasai's can teach us much about such things and children at West Kilbride Primary have been learning and sharing such important ideas with Maasai children who know this all too well.

I enjoyed looking at the photographs of the children learning about the Maasai culture, exchanging ideas and even the traditional Maasai dress.


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