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I continue to support WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign, Cunninghame WASPI , Ayrshire WASPI Group who have yet to receive justice since the UK Government increased the State Pension age by up to 6 years without giving appropriate notice, shattering retirement plans for a generation of women who were left disempowered and vulnerable.

Many only received notice of the change when we were 58 or 59 - 1 or 2 years before our expected retirement age of 60 and felt they had to stand up against this injustice.

Now, the only route left for the women affected is to launch a Judicial Review so that a court can determine whether the mistakes which led to them being robbed of their pensions were unlawful.

To pay for this court case requires resources and WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign have set up a Crowdfunder to raise the necessary funds so that they can secure justice.

If you wish to contribute to their cause or learn more, you can do so by clicking the link:


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