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I secured a debate on justice for WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign in the House of Commons with a divisible motion.

It is vital that MPs have the opportunity to debate and vote on the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report which vindicated the dignified campaign fought by those women who have been robbed of their rightful pensions.

Both the current UK Government and the incoming Labour Government refuses to accept even the principle of compensation for these women despite the damning indictment of the DWP in the PHSO report which says that:

"Parliament now needs to act swiftly, and make sure a compensation scheme is established. We think this will provide women with the quickest route to remedy.'

Therefore, this debate is vital and it will be followed by a vote, demanding that this report is accepted and that compensatory payments must be made to WASPIs who have already waited too long for justice, with around 3.8 million women affected with 300,000 having died without justice and 3,000 of those dying since the PHSO report was published last month!

After being accepted by the Backbench Business Committee, I expect this debate to take place in May - MPs need to have their say and WASPI women need to see the justice and retirement they deserve and they need this without further delay.


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