I called for a public inquiry to take place as soon as possible into the UK Government’s Covid19 contracts fiasco given the scandal surrounding the use of public funds throughout the pandemic.

It is impossible to cover all of the scandals and questions surrounding the Tory UK Government and its handling of the pandemic, but significant questions remain about NHS contracts, the £23 billion spent on the Test and Trace system and the former Prime Minister’s lobbying for Greenshill Capital to try and access public money for the firm. There have also been countless stories of contracts being handed to Tory pals while public money has also been spent on polling support for the union.

It is clear that the UK Government wants to delay any public inquiry into its handling of the pandemic and that damning findings will not be revealed until after the next general election. The people of Scotland deserve better than what this Tory Government has to offer. It is time for us to choose our own future and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

Watch my speech below.

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