I again called on the UK Government to support my SNP colleague, Gavin Newlands’ Bill, to outlaw the shameful practice of firing workers only to rehire them on poorer terms and conditions. We have too often heard the UK Government’s righteous condemnation while they completely avoid taking any action to prevent this appalling practice.

Companies such as Centrica, British Airways and Tesco have all submitted their staff to this terrible treatment, but they are unlikely to be the last. Such action could have been outlawed in Scotland had the Labour Party not conspired with the Tories to prevent the devolution of employment law. As an election in Scotland approaches, it now seems Labour in Scotland has changed its mind on this but the damage has been done and workers in Scotland will not forget.

Clearly, the only way to protect workers' rights in Scotland is for Scotland to become an independent country with justice and fairness at its heart. Watch my speech below.

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