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The Scottish National Party (SNP) has demanded urgent action from the UK government to resolve the blockage of a significant trade route between Germany and the UK, resulting from the disastrous Brexit deal delivered by the Tories at Westminster.

DB Schenler, based in Germany, is the latest company to confirm that they would not accept UK-bound consignments due to the “enormous bureaucratic regulations” that the new Tory government’s Brexit deal entails.

The news follows weeks of leading exporters and firms – including Marks and Spencer’s - outline epic disruptions directly caused by Brexit-related trade rules and new red tape.

SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Once again, the disastrous impact of the Tory Brexit deal that the UK government have drawn up is realised. DB Schenler is just one of many firms across mainland Europe who are now struggling to work freely because of red tape that causes a real headache to importers.

“The SNP has stood up for Scotland’s overwhelmingly rejection of Brexit since the referendum in 2016. While we have consistently outlined the disastrous chaos that will affect businesses and consumers alike, Boris Johnson and his UK government need to step up to the promises they made and fix this mess.

“Firms across Europe from places like Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark have ceased trading with the UK as a result of this Brexit trade agreement – an agreement that was forced upon the Scottish people, propped up by Scotland’s six Tory MPs who backed Boris Johnson’s deal.

“As hard Brexit chaos is thrust upon Scotland against our will, it’s clearer than ever that the only way to protect consumers and businesses alike from Tory Brexit red tape is for Scotland to take its seat amongst other independent nations in Europe.”



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