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New analysis has shown that the £55,600 million the UK government has lost to fraud, the failed high-speed rail (HS2) project and unusable personal protection equipment (PPE) could have built 110 hospitals in Scotland.

Since 2020 alone, the UK Tory Government has lost £21,000 million to fraud and wasted £9,900 million on unusable PPE during the pandemic.

Figures show that £24,700 million has already been spent on the HS2 project, which the Prime Minister cancelled in 2023 after seven years. This could have funded over 800,000 newly qualified band 5 nurses or new full-time police constables for a year.

The cost of just the cancellation phases of the HS2 project - £2,200 million of sunk costs that cannot be recovered - could have funded around 73,000 nurses or police constables or built four new hospitals in Scotland.

These figures don’t even include the billions wasted on two new aircraft carriers, the Ajax Armoured Vehicle Project and other Ministry of Defence disasters.

Patricia Gibson MP said:

“The Tories have a long, disgraceful record of wasting taxpayers' money through incompetence and failed projects, showing complete disregard for people's hard- earned money and our vital public services.

"After overseeing 15 years of Labour, Coalition and Tory austerity, Brexit and the loss of EU funding, the Tories have shown they are completely out of touch and cannot be trusted with the public purse.

“Sir Keir Starmer isn't showing us his Labour party will be any different in government after confirming he will follow Tory tax and spending plans. These figures should serve as a wake-up call to the next UK government - it's time to stop wasting taxpayers' money and invest in our public services.

“Whilst Scotland remains tied to Westminster, we need a strong group of SNP MPs who can be trusted to represent Scotland’s interests and priorities in the UK parliament. That can only be achieved by voting SNP at the next UK election."



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