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Last night I showed solidarity with the huge crowds protesting outside Downing Street shortly before the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill was voted through the House of Commons by 315 votes to 246.

An SNP Amendment to ensure the Bill would not have effect in Scotland or Wales without the consent of the Scottish or Welsh Parliaments was defeated by 321 votes to 46 with Labour once again abstaining.

The Bill limits the rights of workers to strike by ensuring there are working minimum standards during strike days.

However, these provisions are already made by trade unions and there are deep concerns about the powers this provides to the UK Government which will be able to define for itself what “minimum service levels” actually are with workers who strike threatened with dismissal.

As the UK Government is engulfed by industrial up unrest, we should all have expected it to engage in meaningful, respectful and constructive dialogue with trade unions whose members are alarmed by the soaring cost of living.

Instead it is pushing through this inflammatory, regressive and disrespectful legislation. Whilst Labour is keen to be standing up for workers in England, it is happy for Scotland’s workers to be sold down the Tory river.

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