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I joined some of the UK’s biggest animal welfare groups, supporting their calls to ban live exports from Britain for slaughter or fattening, ban the import of puppies and kittens under 6 months, along with other restrictions such as the import of dogs with cropped ears.

In May, the UK Government announced that they were dropping the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, despite it being strongly supported by UK animal welfare organisations.

The parliamentary event follows the delivery of a petition – which gained over 95,000 signatures – to Downing Street last month, calling on the Prime Minister to show true leadership for animals and deliver a ban on live exports for slaughter and fattening.

Live exports cause overcrowding, stress, exhaustion, dehydration, hunger and even death. In recent months, other countries have taken action to ban or phase out the trade, yet the UK Government has failed to make progress despite manifesto pledges.

86% of the public support measures to end the illegal puppy trade, 76% support a ban on imports of dogs with cropped ears and 81% measures to make dog theft a specific offence*. The UK Government should raise the minimum age for dogs to be transported into the UK to six months and limit the maximum number of dogs that can be transported in one journey to three dogs.

With the Kept Animals Bill being dropped, the UK is in danger of rapidly falling behind other countries on animal welfare.. I am delighted to support calls to ban live exports and end puppy and kitten smuggling – measures which already have widespread public support. It’s time for the Government to deliver on its pledges to improve animal welfare and demolish this cruel trade for good.


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