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Following Peel Ports’ shocking decision to permanently close the Irish berth at Ardrossan Harbour, without consulting ferry operator CalMac, North Ayrshire Council or the Scottish Government, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Only two weeks ago we were told the Irish berth had to close immediately due to ‘safety concerns’ after divers had examined it. Eventually it was revealed the berth suffers from ‘corrosion,’ the extent of which has not yet been revealed.

“Now Peel has suddenly decided to close the berth ‘permanently.’

“The Irish berth has long added a layer of resilience to the Ardrossan to Brodick ferry service, most recently with the MV Alfred sailing from it.

“Its loss can only be detrimental to the communities both of Ardrossan and Arran.

“The permanent closure of the Irish berth can only make it increasingly difficult to support ferry services to Arran in the short term and will undoubtedly have implications for the the redevelopment of Ardrossan Harbour.

“The Tory privatisation of the harbour in 1992 has been good for Peel Ports. It has done nothing for the travelling public.

“Given Peel’s unilateral action, it’s time they were removed from the equation with a compulsory purchase of the harbour.”


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