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In Westminster last week I attended an event hosted by The Food Foundation, “Growing our Five a Day”.

The Food Foundation and SHEFs (Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems) work with Governments across the UK to support both producers and the public to thrive.

With shortages of fresh food and rationing becoming a feature in supermarket the issue of fruit and veg production and consumption across the UK has come into sharp focus.

Cost of living pressures on households have reached a generational high. The recent release of the Which? food inflation tracker shows just how difficult things have become for consumers.

The event showcased the latest data, real life stories and solutions to the challenges people are facing in accessing affordable, nutritious food.

Which? presented new research on access to affordable food which demonstrates how stark the problem is.

Undoubtedly, the opportunity for everyone to easily access affordable and healthy food is essential, as is supporting fresh domestic food production so that we have a healthier and more equal society.

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