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This week I attended the Big Reveal of the Big Plastic Count.

Over one week in May I joined nearly a quarter of a million people across the U.K. in counting our plastic waste to contribute to this first of its kind citizen science investigation from Greenpeace UK.

97,948 households took part and counted 6, 437, 813 pieces of plastic waste.

On average, each household threw away 66 pieces of plastic in one week, which amounts to 3432 pieces per household when applied over a year.

By extrapolating these weekly average results to every household in the U.K., we can estimate that households throw away over 1.8 billion pieces of plastic packaging each week. Over a year this equates to 96.6 billion pieces, in the U.K. alone.

This shows clearly that recycling is not enough. We need to turn off the plastic tap and set a target to almost entirely eliminate single-use plastic by 50% by 2025. Reusable alternatives must be universally designed to work for everyone’s needs.

More info can be found here


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