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The Tory UK Government has broken yet another manifesto promise by abandoning the State Pension Triple-Lock, delivering yet another kick in the teeth to WASPI women.

The State Pension is the most important source of income for most UK pensioners, yet it will not rise in line with wages at a time when pensioner poverty is rising. The UK Government knows that this decision will push more pensioners into poverty, yet it continues nonetheless. Causing deliberate hardship to the most vulnerable in society reveals the cruel and uncaring vision the Tories have for society, one that is content with soaring poverty and inequality.

Scotland’s pensioners continue to be punished by the UK Government, as recent House of Commons analysis has found that UK pensioners receive about a quarter of the average working wage when they retire, the worst in all of North West Europe, whereas pensioners in Austria and Luxembourg receive 90% of the average working wage. It is time that Scotland had the full powers of an independent country, so that we can create a society in which there is dignity in retirement for all.

Watch my speech below.


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