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Despite intense international diplomatic efforts, Russian troops have now entered Ukraine. Shockingly, we are witnessing a full-scale, unprovoked attack on the territorial integrity of a European nation. The international community is united in its outrage by this act of aggression and there are now fears of bloodshed and suffering which will surely follow.

A wave of sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries has failed to persuade Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to abandon this bloody course therefore more robust sanctions will now follow. Many believe that Putin’s ultimate ambition is to rebuild the Russian empire in eastern Europe, the loss of which he has frequently bemoaned, but who knows where his ambitions will end.

Putin’s chilling warning of “consequences never encountered in your history” if Western countries assist Ukraine, is clearly designed to bully the West into inaction whilst he pursues his evil course.

Parties across Scotland, the UK and the international community stand by the people of Ukraine and condemns this unjustifiable invasion of a European country.


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