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The SNP has said "voting SNP is the only way to protect the NHS" - and pledged to pile pressure on a new government to deliver fair NHS pay and boost funding.

It comes after Labour Party Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, said he “won’t give in” to doctors’ unions on fair pay - having previously opened the door to creeping NHS privatisation.

Junior Doctors in England and Wales have been in a pay dispute for more than a year, with the UK Government and Labour refusing to support fair pay.

In contrast, under the SNP, there has been no pay related industrial action, making Scotland the only part of the UK to avoid NHS strikes.

Wes Streeting also said he is “holding the door wide open” to private interests in the NHS – leading one group of private healthcare investors to boast that the Labour Party would “kick-start private sector investment much more proactively than the Tories were able to do.”

Last week, Mr Streeting admitted "all roads lead back to Westminster" as he was challenged on his party's attacks on the SNP's management of the NHS.

Patricia Gibson said:

"The fact that Labour won’t back doctors and nurses over fair pay is shameful - and shows that voting SNP is the only way to protect the NHS and put Scotland first.

"Under the SNP, Scotland is the only country in the UK to avoid strike action in the NHS. Labour must follow Scotland’s lead if they want to avoid even more damaging strikes in England and Wales.

"The SNP will pressure a Labour government to deliver fair pay and a major funding boost for the NHS, and we'll always back an NHS free at the point of use. In contrast, the Tories and Labour want to cut public services by billions of pounds and impose creeping privatisation.

"By voting SNP we can protect Scotland's NHS from Westminster cuts - and ensure that Scotland's interests are always put first."


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