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I participated in a debate on disability benefit assessments, where I again challenged the UK Government on the shocking experiences of disabled people, including those in my constituency of North Ayrshire & Arran, when they seek the support they need.

There is a widespread distrust of the DWP’s assessment process which many find traumatic and dehumanising, with 70% of claimants feeling their assessor did not fully understand their conditions. This mistrust is well place given that there is no guarantee claimants will be assessed by someone who understands your condition and 70% of tribunals appeals overrule the DWP’s original decision.

This shocking statistic shows assessments are not being conducted properly and a huge number of people are put through unnecessary stress and trauma, while many simply do not appeal the decision not to award the support they need because they feel they have been so broken by the system. This means those living with a disability may be deprived of the support they need.

I called on the UK Government to replicate the system being implemented in Scotland, which will be person-centred and focus on delivering dignity, fairness and compassion to claimants. Also unlike the UK system, in Scotland those with terminal conditions will be fast-tracked from the start.

Watch my speech below 👇

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