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Earlier today, First Minister John Swinney MSP launched the SNP’s manifesto for the upcoming General Election.

The manifesto also sets out a clear alternative to the Labour/Tory consensus on cuts to public spending which independent experts agree will transpire regardless of who forms the next UK Government.

Key SNP manifesto pledges include:

  • Delivering independence to strengthen our economy, tackle the cost of living, and bring about a fairer, more equal and prosperous Scotland.

  • Providing urgent support for household finances and reducing the impact of rising interest rates and Inflation.

  • Ending 15 years of Labour, Coalition and Tory austerity, reversing deep damaging cuts to public services that have put real pressure on the money available for the NHS and schools. We oppose the Westminster consensus on cuts.

  • Protecting our NHS from Westminster privatisation and austerity. Demanding of the UK parties that they back our Bill to keep the NHS in public hands.

  • Reversing the £1,300 million Tory cut to our capital budget, to enable us to invest in new hospitals, schools, rail, road, harbour and digital infrastructure.

  • Protecting pensions by maintaining the triple lock opposing further increases in the state pension age, backing full and immediate compensation for WASPI women.

  • Rejoining the EU, reverse the damage of Brexit and re-enter the single market restoring free movement for EU citizens.

  • Demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and release of all hostages, joining the 146 countries that recognise Palestine as an independent state.

  • Opposing the renewal of Trident to invest the money into conventional defence.

  • Supporting the abolition of the undemocratic House of Lords.

Read the full manifesto here:

If you want a better, fairer, more equal and prosperous Scotland, vote for it on 04 July.




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