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Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has dumped yet another key promise to voters. It will not now abolish the House of Lords if it wins the next UK General Election.

Labour will also U-turn on its £28 billion-a-year commitment to green investment and confirmed last week it won’t restore the cap on bankers’ bonuses, despite committing to do so just months ago.

The latest dumped pledges are part of a wider plan to create a manifesto that's 'bombproof' from Tory attacks - by being, in effect, a Tory Manifesto!

Patricia Gibson MP, said:

“Labour has promised reform or abolition of the Lords for over a century. Yet despite having been in power for 33 years under six prime ministers, here we are in 2024 with a bloated, archaic institution rammed full of unelected cronies, 173 of whom take the Labour Whip.

“Nobody will be shocked by news that Labour has - again - dumped plans to abolish the Lords. All the main UK parties work to keep their pals there for life. However, it’s an indictment of Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership that he willingly throws away yet another key promise to voters in his bid for power at any price.

“Labour boasts the move will help shield the party’s manifesto from Tory attacks.

“Clearly, if you’ve penned a manifesto even the Tories can’t attack, then you’ve written a Tory manifesto. And no doubt Labour’s spineless branch office will just meekly go along with it.

“The more desperate Sir Keir Starmer is to win, the further he moves from any principles or promises.

“The undemocratic House of Lords is just part of a wider broken Westminster system that doesn’t share the values or priorities of the people of Scotland.

“The SNP is the only party that represents Scotland’s values at Westminster and defend Scotland’s right to choose a better future.”

Labour ditches radical reforms as it prepares ‘bombproof’ election manifesto:


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