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I spoke in a debate on the UK Government’s ‘levelling-up fund’, a programme which has laudable sentiments at first glance but, in truth, represents an assault on the principles of devolution.

The devolved parliaments of Scotland and Wales were established due to the democratic will of voters and those same voters have repeatedly rejected this Tory UK Government. Rather than trying to win an election in Scotland, the Tories have decided to use the so-called Levelling-up Fund to legislate and spend in devolved areas, side-lining the democratically elected governments of Scotland and Wales.

The Tories have a proven record of a lack of transparency and clear political bias in funding decisions, it is clear the Tories cannot be trusted to deliver fair funding to the communities who need it the most.

The more the UK Government seeks to ride roughshod over the democratic institutions of Scotland the more it will drive support for independence, and it is time decisions about Scotland’s future were made by Scotland’s communities.

Watch my speech below.


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