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It is over 20 years since we celebrated the UK becoming the first country to ban fur farming, I urge the UK Government to finish the job by banning fur imports and sales and attended the Fur Free Britain event hosted by FOUR PAWS UK and Humane Society International - UK

Two decades after the last fur farm was closed down, the UK continues to allow imports of fur from animals farmed and trapped overseas, creating an unacceptable double-standard. If fur is too cruel to produce here, it is too cruel to sell here.

it is truly awful that years after the UK banned fur farming, demonstrating a strong and unequivocal ethical stand against fur, we are now outsourcing our cruelty overseas. The only way to eradicate this hypocrisy is to ban the import and sale of fur in the UK.

FOUR PAWS UK has released a new report demonstrating the scale of abuse inherent in the trade and the role the UK continues to play in this cruelty.

To illustrate the UK’s complicity in fur cruelty, HSI/UK released new footage of multiple fur farms in China, revealing the extreme suffering endured by raccoon dogs, mink and foxes for fur fashion.

Government data shows that the UK imports millions of pounds worth of fur from China every year. The shocking scenes from HSI/UK’s investigation showed baby animals kept in filthy, barren conditions, with many of the older animals found to be exhibiting signs of mental distress such as pacing and circling their tiny cages.

The future of fashion is fur free so the sooner we stop trading in cruelty the sooner the suffering overseas stops.

It is for that which I will continue to press the UK Government at every opportunity.


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