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The Prime Minister has been widely condemned today for her shameless disappearing act since her catastrophic budget sent the UK into financial meltdown.

The Tory Government's announcements - including lifting the cap on bankers' bonuses and tax cuts for the rich – are directly responsible for the pound plummeting to record lows, bond yields for borrowing soaring and mortgage deals disappearing.

And Truss’s reckless policies have been subjected to an unprecedented and searing rebuke by the IMF, severe warnings from credit agency Moody’s and the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen saying the US is "monitoring developments very closely”.

It's never been clearer that Westminster is failing Scotland and independence offers the only way for Scotland to build a better future for everyone.

As the pound continues to plummet, Britain’s hopeless Prime Minister seems to have disappeared without trace.

It is astounding that Liz Truss has not made a single public appearance or statement since last Friday. It is time for her to come out of hiding and at least make the pretence of leading the country through this self-inflicted crisis.

Sadly, it’s not the first time the Westminster government has gone AWOL during this cost-of-living crisis. They abandoned their posts for months whilst the Tory party dealt with replacing the disgraceful Boris Johnson.

Most will now be asking why they bothered. The new Prime Minister, after less than a month in office, has plunged the country into chaos and has now disappeared while millions of households are being pushed into hardship. It is disgraceful.

This is a shameless disappearing act. Someone needs to track ​this Prime Minister down and get her out the front door of No 10 to face the country and explain how she will fix the mess she has made.

It's never been clearer that people across Scotland deserve so much better than repeated Westminster Tory Prime Ministers and governments which damage all our futures then flee from the scene of their crimes. Independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe.


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