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In a debate of Scotland’s constitutional future, I challenged those who believe it is controversial for any nation to democratically decide its future path.

I accept that many within Scotland and elsewhere do not wish Scotland to become a self-governing country, however I cannot comprehend those who are so afraid of what Scots may decide about their future that they believe they should be denied the right to make that choice at all.

The Unionist parties know full well that a decisive SNP win in May’s election will deliver a clear mandate for an independence another referendum that cannot be ignored. That is why the Tory leaflets currently being delivered urge voters to vote Tory to stop a referendum with no other policies or vision mentioned.

Those who would continue to deny that the Scottish people themselves should decide if they want a referendum are sorely out of touch with the people of Scotland. If the people of Scotland vote decisively for the SNP in May, there WILL be an independence referendum. That is a fact and the Unionists parties know it. They should be honest enough to say so.

The choice before Scotland is clear – to be governed by a Westminster Government not of our choosing or a vote to always get the Government we vote for and the chance to build a more compassionate, more equal society.

Watch my speech below.


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