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Figures for 2023 show Scotland generates more electricity than it uses, with net exports to the rest of the UK worth £1,500 million last year, thanks to record production levels.

Scotland’s capacity for generating electricity from renewable sources increased by 10% within a year, primarily from offshore and onshore wind installations.

 More than 75% of renewable electricity generated in Scotland in 2023 came from wind, with 14% from hydro.

Scottish Energy Statistics for the final quarter of 2023 detail 15.3 Gigawatts (GW) of renewable electricity capacity operating in Scotland, with a further 25.9 GW planned across 517 projects. There was 13.9 GW of capacity in 2022.

 Patricia said:

“A 10% increase in capacity and net exports worth an estimated £1,500 million shows that the SNP Government’s focus on growing the green economy is paying off.

“We will ensure Scotland continues to capitalise in a sustainable way on its natural resources to underpin the just transition to net zero, provide jobs, benefit communities, and support economic growth.

“To help Scotland reap the economic benefits of this expansion in renewables Scottish Ministers allocated £66.9 million in 2024-25 to kickstart their commitment to invest £500 million over the next five years in Scotland’s offshore wind supply chain.”

Scottish Energy Statistics for Quarter 4 2023.

Provisional UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions Stats 2023.

One Gigawatt of power is equal to one billion watts and can power between 300,000 - 750,000 homes, depending on the source of the energy and consumption of the home.

Electricity generation from renewable sources in Scotland in 2023 was 33.3 Terawatt-hours (TWh). A Terrawatt-hour is a unit of energy which represents one trillion (million, million) watts of power used for one hour.

Scotland’s net exports of electricity to the rest of the UK in 2023 was 15.9 TWh.



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