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As someone who benefited from free school meals in all my years as a pupil, I was delighted to participate in a debate in Westminster about the importance of free school meals.

The SNP is delivering free school meals to all children in primaries 1-5 and this will be rolled out to all primary 6 and 7 pupils on a universal basis.

With 29% of children in North Ayrshire & Arran living in poverty, this is an important measure in supporting families and attainment. Hungry children do not learn well.

Resources have also been made available to local authorities across Scotland to support children during school holidays, saving families £400 per year.

This far outstrips the free school meal offers anywhere else in the UK.

Meanwhile, the incoming Labour Government has ditched its commitment to free school meals, as it has ditched so many of its commitments, but the Labour MPs in this debate hypocritically attacked the Tory Minister on this issue, when their policy is exactly the same as the current Tory Government's, for which I took them to task!

Labour? They think we are all daft!


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