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Too long has the immoral, counter-productive, and cruel use of animals in experiments been allowed to carry on in our society, and I, like the majority of people across the UK, am staunchly opposed to this unethical and harmful practice. Equally abhorrent is the commercial breeding of animals for testing, who upon birth are robbed of safety, life, and rights as a living sentient creature to which all animals should be entitled to under the Animal Welfare and Animal Welfare (Sentience) Acts.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating how outdated and detrimental continued experimentation on animals actively frustrates searches for new treatment and cures for human diseases. That is why we need a rigorous public scientific hearing on the efficacy of using animals in laboratory tests.

The Prime Minister says he wants to make the UK “a beacon of science” yet to do so, he must act to ensure the outdated and barbaric practice of animal laboratory testing is brought to an end.

It is beyond cruel, it is ineffective and it is actively hindering scientific breakthroughs which we all want to see.


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