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Today I was delighted to visit my local Post Office in Kilbirnie as part of the launch of the Post Office’s Save Our Cash campaign.

I met with Kenneth Pritchard, Head of the Post Office’s Parliamentary Relations and Kilbirnie Postmaster, Tom McIntyre to discuss the importance of access to cash and the instrumental role our Post Offices play in this, especially as our banks abandon our high streets.

Many people rely on cash in their everyday lives – whether it’s for safety, savings, survival, sustainability, service or their sense of self. Save Our Cash calls on the UK Government to ensure that people across our communities can continue to access vital cash services in their communities and at their local Post Office.

For several years I have been campaigning against the rapid decline of cash on high streets. However, Government and industry are dragging their heels to take action to ensure that cash is protected for millions who still rely on it every day.

Everyone should be able to access cash in their community, for free and to the penny, to help with budgeting, access to services and inclusion in their communities. You can find out more at


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