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The SNP was not permitted to have the debate which the Speaker offered but then withdrew, on the basis that the Government would be delivering a Statement on the situation in Israel and Gaza today.


Apart from the fact that it is unprecedented for the House of Commons to have 24 hours notice of a Government Statement, a Statement which contained no new information, so did not actually meet the criteria for a Statement.


I again indicated in the Commons that the situation in the region is so serious that it continues to be an outrage that every MP has been prevented from participating in a recorded vote on this issue and it remains the case that of the three main parties, only the SNP supports an “immediate ceasefire”, which is not the same as a “humanitarian ceasefire” or “humanitarian pause” and is the only party which seeks to condemn “collective punishment” which is a war crime. 


In order to prevent the Labour leadership feeling uncomfortable about its refusal to accept that “collective punishment” is taking place and because it only supports a ceasefire to allow Gazans to be fed, watered and given medical care before killing them resumes, it seems the SNP will continue to be denied having a vote which shows this up.


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