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Whilst life expectancy in England has stalled for the first time in more than a century, and fallen in Scotland, there is widespread pressure on the Government to rethink its plans to further increase the state pension age to 68, which will disproportionately impact poorer people.

The UK Government is also thinking about raising state pension age in 2034 instead of in 2044 as originally planned. This could mean a lost year of full state pension of £13,594 for workers aged 57, rising to £16,902 for workers aged 46.

These plans have greatly exacerbated the public’s already low trust and confidence they have had in the state pension system following the pension injustice which has been perpetrated on WASPI women, who had their retirement plans destroyed when their retirement age was increased with little or no notice.

I raised these concerns to the Leader of the House and asked her to explain why she believes increasing the state pension age while life expectancy is falling is justifiable. She was unable to do so. See below 👇.


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