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I am delighted to raise a mug in support of Macmillan’s Coffee Morning.

The official Coffee Morning date is Friday 24 September but it can be held at any time. From a group in the garden, sharing a coffee over a screen or a takeaway cake and cuppa, you can hold yours however you like.

The charity fundraiser sees millions of pounds donated every year to help support people affected by cancer. The money raised helps fund Macmillan Cancer Support services across Scotland to make sure people living with cancer can access the physical, emotional and financial support they need.

Nearly all (98%) of Macmillan's funding comes directly from donations, but disruption caused by Covid-19 means demand for its services is high, while fundraising remains challenging. The charity estimates it could see a combined £40 million drop in its Coffee Morning income across 2020 and 2021.

Macmillan is out there in our local areas, offering care and support to people living with cancer and to their loved ones.

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the lives of people living with cancer and support from Macmillan is needed now more than ever.

I’m proud to raise a mug to support the event, to encourage donations and help let people know that, while it might be different, virtual or socially distanced this year, you can take part in Coffee Morning your way.

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