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In common with Isle of Arran residents I am deeply disappointed to hear of the proposed closure of Brodick Post Office, at the end of March next year.

Sadly, it has become increasingly difficult for postmasters and sub postmasters to keep these businesses afloat.

The loss of Brodick Post Office is a terrible blow for Arran residents coming hard on the heels of the proposed closure of the Bank of Scotland in Brodick.

I met Mark Gibson (no relation!) External Relations Officer, Post Office Ltd, on Monday last, to discuss this matter and will be working with him to try to secure the continuation of post office services in Brodick and will be raising this matter in Westminster as well as the loss of the Bank of Scotland.

I have long been speaking up for postmasters and the huge difficulties they face as they try to deliver a service to the public for far too little reward – indeed for no reward at all!

By way of background, the latest challenges to our post office service comes hard on the heels of the mass closures in 2008 under the previous New Labour Government which closed 8,364 Post Offices across the UK as well as current challenging environment for small businesses.

It is truly disappointing that post offices and banks remain under UK Government control and they are making no effort to ensure that banks and post offices continue to serve our fragile and rural island communities. Indeed, the UK Government has said, “The closure of bank branches is a commercial decision entirely for banks themselves”.

Continuing my long-standing work with Post Office Ltd, I will continue to do all I can to ensure that post office services remain in Brodick and will be raising this matter in the House of Commons.


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