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Urgent action is needed to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce if we want to safeguard our natural environment.

It is estimated that 5 million tonnes of plastic is used every year in the UK, around half of which is not successfully recycled. Plastic waste does not decompose and can last for centuries, polluting soils, rivers and oceans and harming the creatures that inhabit them, entering the food chain as microplastics and may ultimately cause health problems to humans too. Microplastic ingestion has been correlated with irritable bowel syndrome and some plastic-associated chemicals show correlations with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

While the Scottish Government is working towards making Scotland a zero waste society with a circular economy, it is vital that the UK Government shows more ambition to work with the international community to take coordinated and serious action for the sake of both marine and human health.

Watch my contribution to the debate below 👇.

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