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While most households across the UK have received some welcome support with their energy bills via the Energy Bills Support Scheme over the last few months, more than 200,000 park home residents and others who do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier are still waiting for support with their soaring bills.

Time and again I have asked the UK Government to clarify the process for ensuring these households get the same support afforded to everyone else. Time and again, I have been assured that support will be made available to them this winter.

The long-awaited Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund is now expected to open for applications on 27 February, but there is still no clarity as to whether park home residents who pay for their energy use via an intermediary - the park home manager or owner - will be eligible.

I have now called on the UK Government to set out exactly which park home residents will be eligible for the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund when it finally opens for applications, and I hope to receive so much-needed clarification soon.

Watch the exchange below 👇.


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