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I was delighted to attend a meeting with Open Doors, a charity which seeks to support persecuted Christians across the world.

An attack on freedom of worship is an attack on basic freedom so it is no surprise that the persecution Christians face takes place in some of the world’s most repressive regimes such as North Korea. Some other countries on Open Doors World Watch List are where Christians face most persecution are in Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan.

In these countries, Christians are often last in line for essential aid and listening to the experiences of some persecuted Christians at this meeting was both shocking and horrifying but the bravery and resilience of those living with this persecution is deeply moving. This persecution has grown appallingly during thenCovid19 pandemic.

I will do time to work with colleagues to secure freedom of worship for all people, wherever they may live and support the work of Open Doors which offers such valuable support to persecuted Christians across the world.


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