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I was pleased to recently attend the official opening of North Ayrshire Council’s newest housing development with Scottish National Party (SNP)’s North Ayrshire Council Leader, Marie Burns.

These new innovative and energy-conscious homes replace the former sheltered housing in the heart of the town.

This £1,340,000 development comprises six new high quality amenity bungalows, which were built using cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly techniques.

Half of the funding to build these new homes came from the SNP Government.

This development is yet another step on the way to the Council's ambitious target of building more than 1,600 new homes across North Ayrshire, which is now more than halfway towards that target with almost 900 new homes completed.

The modern, energy-efficient homes have enhanced building insulation, air-source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic panels, with very positive feedback from the tenants.

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