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It is very sad and disappointing to hear of the closure of clothing retailer M&Co with the loss of 2,000 jobs across Scotland as all of its 46 branches close, including those in Largs and Saltcoats, Ayrshire.

Whilst the ‘M&Co brand’ - originally Mackays - has been sold, the shopping outlets will not be saved.

Whilst no official date has been given as to when stores will close their doors for the last time with consequent redundancies, it is estimated thus will be around Easter.

I understand that PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment), JCP, The Insolvency Service, and the Redundancy Payments Service have been notified to ensure that the relevant support is available at the relevant time.

It seems that, with a shift in consumer habits, soaring energy costs, and high inflation, M&Co is yet another casualty of struggling high streets across the U.K.


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