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The UK Government’s ‘flagship’ levelling up policy is supposed to change the face of the UK, spreading prosperity and opportunity across the board, but it is just not credible that a government so in love with austerity can be trusted to level up in any meaningful way.

Growth in the UK has been fatally undermined by a combination of Tory incompetence and Brexit, and projects approved for levelling up funds in the last year are being hamstrung by soaring inflation.

Written into the Levelling Up Bill means the Government is able to change the goalposts as to how the success or the progress of the policy is measured – effectively marking their own homework and retaining the ability to change the pass mark.

At the very point that we have a weakened economy, crumbling exports, rising food prices, rising energy prices, challenges with our fuel supply, and with the Government’s own forecasts predicting worse to come, we are expected to believe that by simply passing a Bill, vague and lacking in credibility as it is, that this Government can and will deliver levelling up. It won’t.

The best way to ensure we have a fairer and more equal society in Scotland is through the full powers of an independent nation.

Watch my contribution to the debate below 👇.


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