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I led for the SNP in a debate on animal testing where I called for laboratory animals to be protected by the Animal Welfare Act and for a public scientific hearing to establish the efficacy of animal testing.

I know how concerning animal testing is for my constituents and it is extremely distressing that animals continue to be regularly subjected to brutal and agonising treatments, with 2.88 million procedures in 2020 alone. The UK remains the top user in Europe of primates and dogs in experiments despite clear evidence that there are better, more accurate and more humane methods available, with the EU moving away from cruel experiments towards cutting-edge replacements.

Animal-based research is rooted in the past and is bad at predicting what will happen in a human body, yet these tests continue at an alarming rate.

Animals are sentient beings and it is time that the UK finally kept pace with the growing scientific evidence and ended the unnecessary suffering of our fellow creatures.

Watch my speech below 👇


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