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Following a successful vote in the House of Commons on 4th December - where the Tories shamefully whipped its MPs to vote against delivering justice and full compensation to those infected and affected by the infected blood scandal - we had a right to expect the UK Government would bring forward a timetable to deliver full compensation as recommended by Sir Brian Langstaff on 5th April.

Instead, the UK Government delivered a statement to the Commons which said very little except that these unacceptable delays would continue, flying in the face of the will as expressed by the House of Commons by majority vote.

I can scarcely comprehend the disappointment which must be felt by all those affected by this scandal.

Insisting that victims wait for the full report, expected next spring, before considering whether to extend compensation, heaps insult upon injury to those affected and their families.

Every four days yet another victim of this scandal dies. Time is of the essence to those affected. Yet still the UK Government shows a complete lack of urgency. 👇


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