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After decades of effort, there is now a Global Ocean Treaty which can deliver the protection the oceans desperately need.

This Treaty provides the tools to create vast protected areas covering at least 30% of the oceans by 2030.

In June 2023, governments met at the United Nations to officially adopt the treaty after agreeing the text back in March.

For the treaty to enter into force, at least 60 governments need to ratify it into their national laws.

To hit the 2030 deadline, countries need to ratify by 2025, leaving five years to get the new protected areas in place.

I joined Greenpeace UK to urge the UK Government to urgently ratify this important treaty.

Our oceans are home to countless marine species, they also greatly contribute to the health of animals that live on land and provide many benefits to humans. Oceans also produce more than 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen and it regulates our climate and weather patterns. We also rely on the ocean to transport goods, and it contributes to the worldwide economy through tourism, food, and other industries. Not to mention, communities across the globe rely on fish for protein and ocean ingredients used to make modern medicine.

Despite all of these incredible benefits, climate change and human impacts are causing our oceans’ health to rapidly diminish and deteriorate.

The UK Government must urgently ratify the Global Ocean Treaty without delay.


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