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I attended an event in Westminster with St Johns Ambulance to see portable defibrillators, manufactured by Rapid Response Revival.

These portable defibrillators are smaller, cheaper, lighter and simpler to use than conventional defibrillators, aiming to reduce unnecessary deaths from out-of hospital cardiac arrests.

Across the UK 100,000 people die annually from sudden cardiac arrest - one of the biggest killers - with 60,000 of these taking place outside hospitals. Defibrillators have the potential to save huge numbers of lives and I was delighted to support this event.

At this event I met with Naomi ( pictured below) who tragically lost her 18 year old son, Jamie. He could have been saved had a defibrillator been closer to hand when he collapsed. Since his death she has campaigned tirelessly for greater public availability of defibrillators.

These vital pieces of equipment can save so many lives and must be more readily and publicly available.


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