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Building on the countless debates, petitions and Early Day Motions I have presented in the UK House of Commons since 2015, I continue to work to prevent the disappearance of our cash infrastructure.

Free access to our cash and the freedom to use cash in our daily transactions is something which we all value and upon which many of us rely. With banks abandoning our towns, we are also witnessing a real threat to free-to-use ATMs. This is unacceptable.

I have been engaging with the Post Office and ATM operators in a round of meetings about how this matter can be tackled and our communities protected.

Yesterday, in my latest meeting I was delighted to meet Calum Greenhow, Chief Executive of the National Federation of SubPostmasters and Fiona Cuthbertson of Keystone Consulting.

It was a very productive discussion and I look forward to continuing this work in my role as Spokesperson for Consumer Affairs in the Scottish National Party (SNP) Westminster group.


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