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A charity recently founded by Scottish footballer Andy Robertson, AR26 Charity, is launching its Football For All campaign.

This campaign will see free community football sessions brought to children aged 11-16 across five regions in Scotland, one of them in North Ayrshire.

The sessions will provide a free, safe and fun space for youth in the evenings with the aim of improving physical and mental health amongst our youth, as well as tackling anti-social behaviour, and challenging poverty-related barriers in the way of organised football that these children may come cross.

The avowed ethos of AR26 Charity is consistency and longevity, maintaining a constant in the lives of the young people it seeks to support target which may be lacking in their day to day lives.

Currently the charity is promoting its first ‘pilot’ 10-week delivery block, it has already put place plans for free summer holiday football camps, an autumn/winter 10-week block, a fun inter-regional tournament and plenty more for later in the year. More details below.


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