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Households across the UK are struggling with the cost of living crisis. Meanwhile, food banks in Scotland provided 116,000 emergency food parcels between April and September, their busiest six months on record.

The Scottish Government is doing all it can with the very limited powers it has and in the face of real term cuts to its resource budget of 5.2% - cuts made even before inflation rocketed to 10%. The powers to tackle the root and real causes of inequality lie with Westminster which has control of 85% of welfare powers and the full range of tax and spend levers at its disposal.

Shockingly, the Institute of Public Policy and Research found that the chances of being pulled into poverty have doubled for households with two people in full-time work.

I called on the UK Government to do more during this time of crisis because, for those who are really struggling, to ensure that everyone has access to the food they need. Watch my contribution to the debate below 👇.


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