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I challenged the UK Government on its lack of action to tackle the UK’s energy crisis as millions of households are faced with unaffordable bills. One in seven people in Scotland already find energy bills unaffordable and this will rise, with 6 million people in the UK projected to fall into fuel poverty as energy costs soar.

The cost of living crisis is very real, with inflation likely to rise to 6%, energy costs doubling and the National Insurance rise about to kick in. Despite this stark situation, we have seen staggeringly little action from the UK Government to attempt to ease the pressures households are facing.

I called for the Government to listen to the calls to provide loans to energy companies, which are teetering on the brink, rule out a future rise in the energy price cap and reintroduce the £20 universal credit uplift. Households need help right now. The Scottish child payment could be replicated across the UK, and we could deliver a low-income energy payment, introduce a real living wage and raise the level of sick pay. Differentials in energy transmission and distribution costs also need to be tackled, There are a number of things that the Government could do to help families who are struggling right now as the cost of living bites.

The UK suffers from the worst levels of poverty and inequality in Northwest Europe There are genuine and well-founded worries about cold-related morbidity this winter. In this day and age, in a state as rich as the UK, that is a cause for embarrassment and shame.

We need fundamental and radical measures to protect struggling household many of whom have no idea how they are going to cope with energy price rises and an equitable energy policy that works for all consumers. See my contribution below. 👇


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