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It was really interesting to visit DSM Dalry to learn more about the construction work now underway to develop the DSM Nutritional Products Uk site in Dalry, North Ayrshire. The new manufacturing facility will deliver the first major global production of Bovaer, the company’s innovative and unique feed additive for cattle which reduces methane emissions from beef cattle by 45% and dairy cattle by 30%.

This feed additive will help worldwide efforts to reduce methane, with Scotland at the forefront of this important work with worldwide global benefits.

Bovaer is already licensed in 40 countries and with £100 million of investment and £12 million of support from The Scottish Government the Dalry site is leading the way, with 400 local jobs on site with around 150 contractors employed during the 30 month construction period.

Great and exciting news for Dalry, North Ayrshire, Scotland and, of course, the climate.

Pictured below with the Management Team at the DSM Dalry.

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