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The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) has ruled that the Department of Work and Pensions had wrongly cut benefits for at least 118,000 people with disabilities and health conditions when they were moved onto Employment and Support Allowances (ESA) from other benefits. It has further indicated that those affected are “facing injustice” and should be able to claim compensation in recognition of the “potentially devastating impact” of this error.

Whilst the UK Government had ruled out compensating those affected the PHSO has recommended that this decision be reconsidered.

I challenged the UK Government on the shocking treatment of disability benefit claimants, with an unacceptable 42% of families who rely on disability benefits currently living in poverty.

No one should be forced into hardship simply because they have a disability or health problem, yet the Tory UK Government has repeatedly chosen to penalise those who need support the most.

I continue to call for the barriers that many encounter when seeking support to be removed, such as the requirement for face-to-face assessments, which cause unacceptable levels of stress and anxiety for claimants.

Watch the exchange below👇


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